Home Away From Home

Miki Rains ran away…from somewhere. Home, an orphanage, bad first love, it doesn’t really matter. She ran away and now she has to survive that decision.
Through sun & snow, scathing looks & snooping cops, starvation & depression, teenager Miki Rains must learn the skills necessary for her survival, and avoid adults at all costs.

One year. Four seasons. This IS the Ultimate Runaway Teen Challenge!

Miki Rains
Brooding, Green Thumb, Shy, Unlucky
PB & J, Egyptian, Aqua


The Ultimate Runaway Teen Challenge is my tweaked version of the regular Runaway Teen Challenge from ModTheSims. I played RTC and found it a bit boring: sell stuff, build house, have kids. It’s like a lite version of the legacy challenge…which I’ve never completed. >.>
So, instead, I made a teenager, gave them some sucky traits, and plopped them on the tiniest lot I could in the most remote corner of Bridgeport city. Then I set the Teen age span to 28 days, 1 week for every season. Not so bad, right? BUT WAIT! There’s more!

Extra Rules:
1: Extend teen age span to 28 days and live through ALL four seasons!
2: Only 2 pickups by Psychic Police (curfew enabled) allowed. The 3rd is Game Over!
3: Can’t spend ANY Lifetime Happiness points, but try to stay positive: aim for 20,000
4: Only buy things that fit into personal inventory: NO furniture & NO walls
– that goes for selling too: can’t sell something you can’t pick up

That last one represents the hard part.
The Challenge is “won” if you actually live to see your Young Adult birthday. No finding love, no raising kids, no building houses. You either live or die…or are picked up by Psychic Police and returned to whatever situation you came from.


There will be some mild swearing. Consider yourself warned.